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Client Portal FAQs

Why Should I Use the Client Portal?

  • Security - The Client Portal is a secure method of transferring your confidential information to us online. Dillner’s (our portal provider) maintains PCI compliant certification - what banks are required to maintain.

  • Convenience - You can send your documents to us at any time of day without a trip to our office!

  • Digital Access - We can send you documents through the portal as well, that you can then download to your computer to “file” away or print for your records.


How do I access my Client Portal?

If you already have a Client Portal, you may access it and log in here:


I don’t have a Client Portal. How do I set one up?


If you aren’t already using our Client Portal, you can request to have one set up for you.


To do this, either:

  • call our office at 770-445-7570 and provide us your name, phone number, and email address that you’d like to use for the Client Portal
    - OR -

  • send an email to Chris Mullennix at and provide the same information.


Once we have created the Client Portal on our end, you will receive an email invite from which will include a link to set up your login information for your Client Portal, which is hosted by Dillner’s. We found last year that the initial invite would often end up in our client’s spam or junk file, so you may want to look there. 


The email will look like this:


FROM: Chris Mullennix (
SUBJECT LINE: New Secure Portal Created at Andrews Drummond Group, P.C.  

Hi John Smith,

Your Secure Portal has been created.


If you have any questions, please contact our office at 770-445-7570 or send an email to

I can’t remember my username and/or password for my Client Portal. What do I do?  

On the Client Portal login page, below the blue “Login” button, you will see two text links – “Forgot Password?” and “Forgot UserName?”. Simply click the appropriate link and follow the instructions on the screens that follow.

If you continue to have trouble, you can always call our office at 770-445-7570 and we’d be happy to assist you.

About Dillner's Secure Client Portal


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